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Submission Notes:
We are an interested in pieces covering a variety of topics in varying lengths (from independent poetry to in-depth political analysis). Much of our material comes from high school students who are interested in getting their voice heard, so do not hesitate to submit your work! However, when submitting your work, please keep in mind the following terms and conditions on those submissions:
[1] We are a non-profit web page. When you submit articles, you are doing so for pleasure and not profit. We do not make money off of your submissions and neither will you.
[2] Any previously published materials (previous blog posts, CNN articles, etc.) will be rejected. This also means anything believed to be plagiarism will be rejected.
[3] Please conduct a typo/error check prior to your submission, as it can make it difficult in the review process and sometimes undermine otherwise excellent pieces.
[4] We will respect your work and accepted submissions, but keep in mind that if you consent to your submission being published, you are also consenting to it being reproduced on the website without charge.

How to Submit:
[1] Please fill out the required sections of the form, including name and email address which we can contact you at.
[2] In the “subject” line, please submit the article title and desired category for the piece.
[3] Finally, for “Your Message,” please include the full text of the article you wish to have published.
You will receive an email within 2-3 weeks of your submission, including a notification of whether your piece will be published on the website. If so, specific details about publishing will be arranged!

Thank you for contacting the HS Papers staff! We appreciate feedback and will work diligently to fulfill any of your requests and review your work!

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