About Us

Our Mission:

HS Papers is an independent publishing service dedicated to providing a space for open discourse on a variety of topics. By providing high school students with an equal voice, regardless of their demographic characteristics, we hope to promote an environment that is inclusive of others’ perspectives, identities, and passions.
Whether you enjoy writing independent poetry or deep analysis of recent political trends, we hope to involve you in our project to promote a more pluralist news outlet for students across the globe.

If you are interested in contacting us or submitting your own work, please visit the Contact Us page for more details.

Meet the Staff:

Rithvik Seela – Editor-in-Chief and Founder. 
Rithvik Seela is currently a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Central Florida. Because of his childhood passion for reading and writing, he established HS Papers in August of 2016 to help provide a space for others to freely express their opinions. Apart from his work running HS Papers, he established an independent charity, books for a cause, participates on his school’s debate team, and conducts scientific research at the University of Central Florida. 

Muhammad Khattak – Head Co-Editor.
Muhammad Khattak is also a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School.  He decided to join HS Papers because of his strong belief in the pluralism and how outlets like HS Papers can help bring people of multiple viewpoints together. While he specifically enjoys reading about politics, philosophy, and STEM developments, Muhammad hopes to promote all forms of self-expression on HS Papers. Aside from working on HS Papers, Muhammad enjoys activities such as playing the viola, participating on his school’s speech & debate team, and working for local organizations like Islamic Artists of Orlando and Orlando Math Circle.  

Hamzah Jhaveri – Head Editor of Humanities and Technology. Speciality: Poetry and Literature
Hamzah Jhaveri is a 17-year-old poet, artist, and high school student at Lake Highland Preparatory School. He has a passion for the arts and is currently finalizing his first chapbook. Aside from helping run the Humanities page for HSPapers, he is the founder and president of the not-for-profit organization Islamic Artists of Orlando, which aims at combatting islamophobia in Central Florida by showcasing contemporary, Islamic-themed artwork. He is also a contributor on Leopardskin & Limes and participates in a wide array of other extra-curricular activities such as his school’s local research program. 

Erik Crnkovich – Head Co-Editor of Humanities. Speciality: Near Eastern Studies.                                                   Erik Crnkovich currently attends a public highschool in central Wisconsin and has attended numerous courses and conventions regarding Near Eastern Studies and Classics. He has an interest in Near Eastern Studies, Classics, Slavic Studies, and the ancient Mediterranean world in general. He is currently working on a paper targeting connections between Syro-Anatolian city states and the Greek world.

Charles Li – Head Editor of Politics and World News.                                                Charles Li is currently a senior at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, Texas. Due to his stance on the necessity of promoting political voices of our youth, he joined HS Papers to create a voice for himself and others that may hold similar beliefs. Additionally, Charles enjoys activities such as participating on the debate team, biking, and volunteering with local organizations.

Pierce Hollier – Editor of Politics and World News. Speciality – Healthcare legislation. Pierce Hollier is currently a senior at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, Texas. He joined HS Papers because he strongly believes in advancing youth perspectives on today’s issues as those are the opinions that will shape tomorrow’s politics. Beyond HSPapers, he is the founder and Vice President of the American Medical Debt Relief Foundation which seeks to lift the financial burden that healthcare can place on low-income individuals. At Strake Jesuit, Pierce participates in the speech and debate team and medical club.

Arya Rao – Editor of Math and Science.        Arya Rao is currently a senior at Big Rapids High School in Big Rapids, Michigan. As an avid reader and lover of prose, she is glad to be a part of the HSPapers team as Head Editor of Math and Science. She is the founder of The Science Squad Corporation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free science education to those without access. She is specifically interested in evolutionary biology and population genetics, but aside from these interests, she enjoys singing and playing saxophone in an alternative rock band as well as playing golf and tennis.

Ari Azbel – Editor of Math and Science          Ari Azbel is a senior at Lake Highland Highland Preparatory School. He decided to join HS Papers because of his desire to spread his joy for math. Ari has a passion for the explorative possibility STEM fields hold – he uses HS Papers as a platform for his expression on this matter. Aside from working on HS Papers, Ari competes national for his Lincoln Douglas Debate team and runs the Orlando Math Circle.