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Opinion Series: Controversy or Contradiction? Part 1: Transgenderism

This series is an opinionated analysis of how I believe liberalism has grown in the past decade and my view of the logic behind those ideologies.

Liberalism today has grown to be a prevalent part of mainstream media (1). Controversial issues whether it is identity politics, gun control, or abortion are quite literally debated left and right and there seems to be no end. Both ends of the political spectrum appear to be  dogmatic in their ideologies, and, sometimes even resort to ad hominem attacks such as calling their opponents racist bigots.

This series will focus on my observations within many prevailing debates in hops of  challenging the logic behind many liberal ideologies as contradictory.

Part 1: Transgenderism

Identity politics has been a focal point of liberal movements set towards a unified goal of political correctness. They accept identity through the belief of free expression which is concurrent with their wave of feminism in seek of gender equality. One of the foremost issues in recent time has been challenging society as a whole to rupture gender norms. These efforts are constituted of movements that aim to break apart those standards placed by society on each gender that pressure those individuals into fitting into the category of what is acceptable. 

Obviously, there is not a problem with the idea of deconstructing these norms. However, its interactions with many other liberal movements hasn’t been recognized as incompatible.

The basis of transgenderism is the acceptance of allowing people to search for their true sexual orientation since they don’t feel like they were born into their genuine identity (2). However, the foundation of the belief that children don’t feel like they fit into their genuine identity is caused directly by the social norms that are prevalent in society. For example, in a VICE documentary, there was a 5-year-old child that was biologically born a male (3). However, due to his tendencies of enjoying to play with “female” toys, he placed himself into this category of a “misfit.”

This is where the contradiction arises. How does a liberal ideology so actively support a movement that is founded on the same ideology that it tries to deconstruct? Isn’t the idea that these children don’t fit into their supposed gender norms dependent on the fact that they remain complicit within those same norms that govern our interactions with each other?

Thank you for reading!

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